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Event Tournament Added? New Items?
July 31, 2020

The tournament event has been added to the server
New items will be available in the shop soon
Today we start our sustainable updates to apply duration and news to the server.
Good Game! Kappa!

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Registers & Downloads Open!
Released download & register to start server.
22 July, 2020

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1º   VikingoS 8 lvl
2º   TeamSecret 8 lvl
3º   XForce 8 lvl
1º   Raphaaw 12525 pvps
2º   XxSoMxX 9264 pvps
3º   RoyalGuardian 4248 pvps
1º   SugaAlmas 230 pks
2º   Estranged 123 pks
3º   ZiKaDo 109 pks
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